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Looking for an eco-friendly deodorant that works? Look no further than Nuud! Our starter pack contains a 15ml tube of our potent deodorant cream – enough for seven weeks of daily use. Just apply a pea-size amount to each armpit for long-lasting freshness. Our packaging is made from biodegradable cardboard and the tubes are 100% recyclable. So you can feel good about using our product without harming the environment. Give Nuud a try today!


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Instead of using deodorant, use Nuud. Nuud’s mission is to improve the world by using your underarms since a better world begins with you. It is a vegan deodorant that is completely natural and works for three to seven days.

Size: 15 ml

Nuud is safe and efficient.

A natural deodorant that not only works well but is beneficial for the environment. Deodorants made with Nuud technology effectively combat offensive odors without endangering people, pets, or the environment. The ingredients are actually fairly straightforward: ecological oils and micro silver, which hold everything in place. The end result is a highly concentrated natural deodorant free of aluminum that kills microorganisms responsible for foul odors. This addresses the issue at its root. The highly concentrated nature of Nuud makes a tube very long-lasting; a 20 ml tube lasts, on average, 10 weeks. Additionally, it keeps working for a long time because of the ecological oils that keep the deodorant in place. even after a shower. The effectiveness of Nuud’s deodorants is unaffected by an active lifestyle, a hectic workday, or a rigorous exercise regimen. The effectiveness of Nuud’s deodorants is unaffected by an active lifestyle, a hectic workday, or a rigorous exercise regimen.

A completely carefree deodorant is Nuud.

Nuud not only means effective but also means worry-free. The deodorants from Nuud include no alcohol, aluminum, synthetic perfumes, or fuzzy compounds. To go even farther, it is completely free of nanoparticles and microplastics. As a result, the deodorant combats sweat odors without clogging the skin and, as a result, prevents clothing from being stained. Additionally, Nuud’s goods are all vegan and do not use any testing on animals. The deodorants are packaged on cardboard that is biodegradable and bioplastic tubes derived from sugar cane that are entirely recyclable. The emphasis is on sustainable distribution and production. Therefore, using it is entirely natural, entirely responsible, and entirely worry-free.

How does Nuud function?

Because it contains Ecocert silver and zinc oxide, Nuud has a natural antibacterial and cleaning action. Unwanted odors have no opportunity of developing because this not only eliminates but also stops germs that cause odors. Additionally, Nuud contains ecological oils that are water-resistant and persist after showering and/or perspiring, like castor oil and coconut oil, among others. The Ecocert silver and zinc oxide stay on the skin for a longer period of time and can therefore continue to function against microorganisms. Since the root of the problem is addressed, longer-lasting freshness and odor-free underarms are guaranteed.

Nuud’s four golden tips for new users

  • Try detoxing. Longer use of the product results in less detox.
  • Examine the frequency of your lubricants. The minimal amount doesn’t affect Nuud’s effectiveness. Spread it out across three or more days after spreading it out initially every other day.
  • odorless beginning. Odors are neutralized and prevented by nuud. Clothes must be free of microorganisms and scents from the past in order to start smelling fresh.
  • Take Nuud in moderation. It is an extremely potent deodorant. There is already more than enough in a very tiny amount.

Note: The color of and on the packages may vary but the product is identical

What’s in it? 

Ten organic and natural elements make up Nuud. The ingredients of Nuud are listed below, along with a brief description of each.

1. Silver Ecocert. Silver naturally has an antibacterial effect, but in order to save money, they frequently utilize silver solutions or particles that are so tiny that they can pass through the skin’s surface. Nuud uses Ecocert silver to carry out their unique method. Since the silver particles in this are bigger and 99.9% pure silver, they cannot penetrate the skin. Unwanted scents are prevented using Ecocert silver, which naturally suppresses the germs that produce odors.

2.Coconut Oil Coconut oil used by Nuud is pure and all-natural. The oil makes sure that the natural deodorant may be applied more effectively and does not disintegrate in water or perspiration (such as in the shower). Additionally, coconut oil’s soothing impact offers a lot of benefits. The skin is moisturized, protected from drying out, and has antimicrobial characteristics. This guarantees that the skin will remain flexible and soft.

3. Miracle oil an oil obtained from the Ricinus communis tree, sometimes referred to as the miracle tree or castor tree. Since ancient times, castor oil has been utilized for therapeutic and pharmacological purposes. Perspiration and (shower) water do not cause the oil to dissolve. Additionally, it hydrates the skin and provides deep nourishment to the skin’s layers, keeping the skin soft and supple.

4. Zinc Oxide. a mineral powder formed from heating zinc that is white. The natural cleaning properties of zinc oxide combine to generate a protective antibacterial agent that enables the deodorant’s active components to function as effectively as possible. As a result, it slows the growth of bacteria and prolongs the duration of fresh skin odor.

5.Almond oil, a healthy vegetable oil derived from almond trees. It contains a lot of unsaturated fatty acids and won’t dissolve in water or perspiration (even in the shower). Therefore, it is a good instrument to spread this deodorant without aluminum more evenly. The oil also helps dry skin and sensitive skin by ensuring that moisture is better retained in the skin.

6. Clay mineral. consisting of stearalkonium bentonite, a substance made up of bentonite clay and the mineral stearalkonium hectorite. Both originated on American soil. In the town of Hector, which shares the mineral’s name, the stearalkonium hectorite was found. The Wyoming town of Benton, where significant volumes of volcanic ash are buried in the soil and from which bentonite clay is mined, is where bentonite clay gets its name. The mineral clay in Nuud is known as stearalkonium bentonite because it is rich in minerals. Deodorant is made thick enough to stick to the skin while remaining thin enough to spread easily.

7. Vegetable emulsifier, number An emulsifier is definitely required for the deodorant in order for the chemicals to combine properly. An all-natural emulsifier consisting of glycerin and stearic acid is utilized in Nuud. This not only turns the deodorant’s components into a fine cream, but also maintains them fresh and ideal for application to the skin in all weather conditions.

8. Extract from miracle oil. Castor oil that has been hydrogenated and molded to the proper hardness and melting characteristics As a result, the natural deodorant has a fine, firm consistency that is simpler to spread. Additionally, it is not dissolved in sweat or (shower) water.

9. Vegetable mixing enhancer. Propylene carbonate, a plant-based mixing enhancer, is used in a low dosage to help the solubility of the ingredients in the natural deodorant. This results in a high-quality, natural product that is simple to use.

10.Carnauba wax Carnauba wax has been added to the natural deodorant to stop it from liquefying in the summer at warmer temperatures. The carnauba palm’s leaves are used to extract the yellow-brown wax, which is insoluble in both water and perspiration. It gives the cream additional power, making the deodorant even more pleasant to use.

About the brand

Nuud crave dewy, polar bear garden party-fresh underarms. By fresh Nuud means devoid of aluminum, parabens, petrochemicals, and other ambiguous substances. Not even salts or cheap perfume. Instead of using propellants or canisters, we put nuud cream in a sugarcane-based bioplastic tube.

Their deodorant is effective with a single application for 3–7 days. Sports, exercise, or taking a shower have no impact on how effective Nuud is.

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