Scented Shea Butter 50 mL – Rose Mademoiselle

Allow a wonderful Rose Mademoiselle Shea Butter infused with elegant floral fragrances to surround you!
This nourishing treatment, which is naturally vitamin-rich, is made delicate by the beautiful scent.


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Naturally enriched with vitamins, this nourishing care becomes a delicate one thanks to its elegant perfume.

Due to the wonderful properties of this active ingredient, this Shea Butter hydrates and regenerates your skin. It has a beautiful “Rose Mademoiselle” fragrance. Its gentle rose tones provide a lovely, feminine scent on your skin. This incredibly hydrating body balm is the perfect cosmetic treatment for dry to very dry skin because of its recipe, which is 98% Shea Butter. Your skin becomes more comfortable and supple. Shea Butter may become gritty, however this has no impact on the product’s quality.

Skin types     All skin types

Fragnance     Rose

Size                 50 ml



The ingredients listed within the composition of the products of the brand Institut Karité Paris are regularly updated. Before using a product of the brand Institut Karité Paris, please read the list of ingredients located on its packaging to ensure that the ingredients are suitable for your personal use, particularly if you’re at risk of an allergic reaction. Only the ingredients listed on the packaging should be considered binding.

Institute Karité Paris

With real Shea butter, outcomes are exceptionally silky and smooth.

The goal of Institut Karité is to give their beauty products the advantages and strength of real shea butter. The creams have a luscious texture, are well-tolerated, and include a lot of natural shea butter. The packaging, which is in a stylish vintage design, highlights the distinctiveness of their goods. In France, Institut Karité is a well-known cosmetics company. Shea is an ingredient in every product made by Institut Karite Paris, which has gained international recognition for this. Shea (Karite nut) oil has been renowned for its beauty secrets for generations. All products from the French company contain this natural and effective component because diverse skin types and needs exist.

This company sells Shea in a variety of forms, including butter, cream, and oil. Shea offers care for the body, face, and hair and is multipurpose. Institut Karite Paris products benefit from the moisturizing, healing, renewing, anti-aging, and antioxidant properties of vitamins A, D, E, and F.

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