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Naïf Natural Skincare

We believe in a world where personal care can be good care.
Good for your skin and for our planet.

Your skin should be treated with love. That’s why Naïf’s skincare contains everything the skin really needs: from body lotion to mild wash gel. Dermatologically tested and without microplastics, mineral oils and silicones.

More about Naïf Skincare

Jochem and Sjoerd learned that even baby skincare products contain dangerous substances when they became first-time parents in 2013. Naif was created as a result, providing natural components that babies' skin actually needs for skincare.
They are not only healthy for the skin but also for the environment. Neither more nor less. Adults soon began utilizing Naif's goods as well. There is currently a selection for both young and old. Because you, too, deserve effective skincare that is quick and simple to apply.