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A powerful combination of Collagen & Health

Scientists found out the many benefits of collagens. You want to see the results, not worry about them. We are able to maintain the bioactive shape of collagens because of the distinctive way our collagens are generated. The triple helix is still present in its strongest, most natural state.

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More about Collagen Triple Helix

The triple helix structure of undenatured collagen, a remarkably robust and fibrous protein, gives it its strength. Three lengthy polypeptide chains comprised of various combinations of the amino acids glycine, proline, hydroxyproline, and arginine make up each triple helix. To put things in perspective, each chain has about 1400 amino acids!

Your connective tissue's strength, stability, and flexibility are provided by the collagen fibers that develop when the chains twist together to form a tightly wound coil. All you need to know is that the triple helix provides collagen its distinct strength and joint health features, despite the fact that this may sound a little complicated and scientific.