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Are there pimples on your baby’s face?

Yes, it is possible.
Acne can affect babies as well. Hormones are frequently to blame. Many mothers believe it is caused by breastfeeding, however it commonly begins in the womb.

Hormones transmitted through the umbilical cord remain in your infant for some time after birth. Pimples, like adult acne, are produced by an excess of sebum. As a result, the pores become clogged. Baby acne does not often appear shortly after birth. It is possible that your infant will be affected for up to four weeks following birth.

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Aside from normal baby acne, there is another type of acne called Erythema toxicum neonatorum, or ETN. The bumps on ETN are usually bright yellow or white and feel more substantial. Unfortunately, this form of acne has no known etiology.
What we do know is that ETN is as safe as newborn acne and usually goes away within a week. Applying oily creams to baby acne is not advised. This will result in even more skin blockage. Patience is literally a virtue in this scenario.

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